Optic Fibre Maintenance


Fiber optics need periodic maintenance but are usually considered as having requiring lesser maintenance and incurring lesser cost. Fiber systems are designed to be installed and never touched unless something damages them.


Fiber to the home (FTTH) is a state-of-the-art technology to deliver High speed internet to residences, apartments and businesses. FTTH replaces the old telephone wires, coaxial cables to optical fibre equipment. The service delivery is done through from operator’s optical fibre equipment to the various houses, residences, or businesses.



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Mutiny’s services are very much prompt, they take follow up calls after providing their service and also their service employees are well trained. Never experienced any problems with their service from past so many years.
They are just a phone call away if any problem occurs during the delivery of the service. I have encountered some problems but they were solved very quickly by Mutiny’s team. Optic fiber is very difficult to clean and service but Mutiny provides very quick and robust service.
I bought IPTV services from Mutiny and they are a treat. All the latest shows and series I can stream live also there is plenty of options available at a very cheap cost. This has saved my subscription money towards various OTT services. Thanks to Mutiny.
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